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Print Title
  After the Battle x    
  Against All Odds A type VIIc U-Boat fight off attack by a PBY Catalina  
  Air Apaches on the Warpath B-25's of the 345th 'Air Apaches' Bomb Group attack and sink a Japanese subchaser  
  Airstrike Last seconds of a Mirage V at the hands of 801 Naval Air C.O., Commander 'Sharkey' Ward, flying a Sea Harrier from HMS Invincible on May 21, 1982  
  America Strikes Back Ken Taylor in his P-40 Tomahawk, bringing down his second enemy aircraft on December 7, 1941  
  Angels Three Zero Spitfire flown by Bobby Oxspring of 66 Squadron duels with an Me109 at 30,000 feet, during the Battle of Britain  
  Assault on the Capital Me109s of II/LG2 and Hurricanes of 242 Squadron in combat during the attacks on London in the afternoon of September 7, 1940.  
  Attack on the Hiei Joe Foss leads F4F Wildcats of VMF121, based on Guadalcanal, against the Japanese battlecruiser Hiei north of Savo Island, Friday November 13, 1942.  
  Bader Legend The legendary Wing Leader Douglas Bader high above the south coast of England, flying his beloved Mark Va Spitfire.  
  Baders Bus Company x Spitfires of Bader's Tangmere Wing in 1941, high over the south coast of Sussex, England, fly towards the Pas de Calais to engage Galland's 'Abbeville Boys'.  
  Balloon Buster x RFC 208 Squadron Sopwith Camel flown by Flt Lt Henry Botterell brings down a German observation balloon near Arras, northern France, August 29, 1918.  
  Band of Brothers Lancaster S for Sugar on the morning of 27th April, 1944 after her 95th sortie - a raid on the ball-bearing factory at Schweinfurt.  
  Barque Glenogil    
  Battle of the Coral Sea The attack on the Japanese carrier Shoho by Lexingtons SBD Dauntless dive bombers, May 4th 1942  
  Battle of the Nile    
  Battleship Bismark    
  Battleship Row    
  Bekaa Valley Combat between an Israeli F-16 Falcon and a Mig23 fought over the Bekaa Valley in June 1981.  
  Bogeys 11 O'Clock High Commemorates the Yamamoto Mission, April 18th 1943. P-38 Lightnings, led by John Mitchell, approach Bougainville on their famously succesful attack on Admiral Yamamoto's aircraft Carrier  
  Bringing the Peacemaker Home The return of the 8th Air Force B-17 'The Peacemaker' over the English coast July 20th 1944. Damaged by Focke-Wulf 190’s the B-17 "Peacemaker" of the 91st BG limps towards the English coast escorted by P-51B Mustangs of the 361st Fighter Group  
  Canadian Wing Johnnie Johnson leads his Canadian Wing in a fighter sweep over the Normandy beaches on D-Day, June 6, 1944.  
  Canberras over Cambridgeshire x Undeterred by 'Friday 13th', Wing Commander Beamont took off that day in May 1949, in the Canberra prototype.  
  Caught on the Surface A Sunderland of 461 Sqn RAAF destroys U-461, a type XIV German submarine caught on the surface by Allied aircraft in the Bay of Biscay on July 30, 1943  
  Chance Encounter Dornier 24 flying boat of the Royal Netherlands Navy sights the Japanese invasion fleet off Kuching, British Borneo, 23 December, 1941.  
  Clipper Morning Star Developed by the Boeing Company during World War II from its successful B-29 Super-Fortress to meet the needs fro long range air transport. Clipper Morning Star N1042V flying serenly over the distinctive Manhattan skyline in 1952.  
  Cloud Companions A Lancaster has been damaged and is left far behind the main force to make its own perilous way home as best it can. Seeing the vulnerability of their friends, a Mosquito crew expose themselves to the same dangers, and throttle back to stay alongside the injured warbird.  
  Combat over London During the legendary Battle of Britain Spitfires of 92 Squadron are engaged with Messerschmitt Me109s of JG-2 in a high-altitude dog-fight directly over London in September 1940.  
  Combat over the Reich x Approaching their target at he oil refinery at Zwickau, 60 miles south west of Dresden, the 452nd Bomb Group's B-17 Fortresses were bounced by 28 Me262 jets from JG 7.  
  Coming Home (The Mighty Eighth)    
  Coming in over the Estuary P-38 Lightnings of the 364th Fighter Group flying low over Bosham, on England's South coast.  
  Company of Heroes    
  Contact Bearing 190    
  Cutty Sark    
  Dawn Operations A As dawn breaks over the naval base on the island of Shortland, off the southern tip of Bourgainville, a Mitsubishi F1M2 float plane is readied for its first reconnaissance flight of the day. Overhead a pair of A6M Zero fighters from a nearby carrier head out on patrol.  
  Dawn Patrol Billy Bishop and the pilots of 85 Squadron as they climb their SE5A fighters into the cool morning sunlight above the fields of Northern France on June 16, 1918.  
  Dawn Scramble x During the height of the Battle of Britain. Mark Vb Spitfires at Biggin Hill are seen retracting their undercarriage almost as soon as they leave the ground in order to gain height as quickly as possible.  
  D-Day the Airbourne Assault    
  D-Day Normany Landings    
  Defence of the Realm x    
  Desert Hawks Flight of P-40 Kittyhawks of No 3 Squadron RAAF on a strike mission over the North African desert. Print  
  Doolittle Raiders Doolittle Raiders take their B-25 bombers down to very low level and head for China after delivering their surprise attack on the industrial and military targets in and around Tokyo on April 18, 1942. The sixteen-ship mission, led by volunteer crews, successfully completed one of the most audacious air raids of World War II.  
  Doolittle - Moment Of Destiny    
  Eagles on the Channel Front A Remembering the most famous of all Luftwaffe Fighter Wings that fought on the Western Front during the early years of World War Two.  
  Eagle Squadron Scramble commemorating the intrepid 240 American air men who volunteered to fly with the R.A.F. in their early struggle against the Luftwaffe before the U.S.A. joined the war.  
  Eagles Prey    
  Farewell America    
  Fastest Victory Taking his Hurricane off from Speke, a raiding JU88 crossed the airfield in front of Denys Gillam, who promptly shot it down. It was the fastest air victory of the war, and probably of all time.  
  Fight for the Sky x A Heinkel III has been brought down, one of many never to make it home on this bright and sunny day. As the Luftwaffe bomber's crew emerge from their broken aircraft, relieved to have survived the crash-landing, a Mk I Spitfire from No 66 Squadron roars low overhead to verify another victory.  
  Fighter General ME262s led by Adolf Galland, are returning towards Munich-Riem at full throttle, hugging the deck to avoid the attentions of USAAF escort fighters. Below the crew of a B-24, brought down in the air-fighting, has survived a dramatic crash-landing amid spectacular surroundings.  
  Fighting Tigers P-47 Warhawks of the Flying Tigers, engaging the enemy Nakajima fighters over the Hsiang Chiang river, Southern China, August 5th 1944.  
  First Combat Don Kingaby is the only pilot in the RAF to have been awarded 3 DFMs. During his first combat on August 12, 1940, he severely damaged an JU88 over the Isle of Wight  
  First of Many Highly restricted, special edition of Robert Taylor’s famous painting First of Many, depicting the legendary fighter Ace’s first air victory in World War II Each print in this special Tribute Edition is signed by four famous RAF Fighter Aces that flew Hurricanes and Spitfires with Douglas Bader in the Battle of Britain in 1940.  
  First Sighting Downed aircrew often drifted for days in their small inflatable dingies hoping rescue would come. Robert Taylor's painting depicts that first sighting by an Air Sea Rescue Sunderland and the moment of joy of the aircrew.  
  Flying Cloud Clipper    
  Front Line Hurricanes Based at a temporary formed airfield at Lille Marc, Hurricanes of No. 87 Squadron - showing the strains of battle - taxi in from a skirmish during heavy fighting in the Battle of France, May 1940.  
  Gallant Ohio Spitfires of 126 and 185 Squadrons successfully fend off a last desperate attempt by enemy aircraft to sink the crippled American tanker Ohio, still some 80 miles short of the beleaguered island of Malta.  
  Gathering Storm x Focke-Wulf 190 Fighters climb out over Theville to intercept B-17 Fortresses en-route to bomb submarine pens at Lorient.  
  Glorious Summer Young Pilot Officer Geoffrey Page, later to become one of the RAF's most highly decorated fighter Aces, powers his Mk I Hurricane over the country lane at the edge of the airfield, as he and his fellow No 56 Squadron pilots make their third scramble of the day.  
  Greycap Leader Leading 443 (Canadian) Squadron's Spitfires, Johnnie Johnson brings down an Fw190 over the Rhine, September 1944.  
  Halifax Legend The Halifax flew no less than 75,000 operational sorties in World War II and together with the Lancaster formed the main strength of Bomber Command.  
  Head On Attack On October 12, 1940, No. 603 Squadron, reduced to only eight aircraft, took on a large formation of Me109s attacking head on. Robert Taylor's vivid portrayal shows Scott-Malden's Spitfire moments after knocking down an Me109 in the encounter, both he and his wingman coming through unscathed.  
  Height of the Battle By mid-afternoon on Wednesday 11th September, 1940 German bomber formations were plotted flying up the Thames Estuary towards London. To deal with the imminent raid Fighter Command scrambled nine squadrons to make the intercept. As the Luftwaffe bombers approached the docklands east of London, sixty Spitfires and Hurricanes fell upon them and a pitched battle ensued.  
  HMS Belfast HMS Belfast with the British Fleet in Scapa Flow early in the war.  
  HMS Hood - Pencil Print x Limited to a single edition of 250 copies signed and numbered by the artist.  
  HMS Kelly (small)    
  Hornblower and the Indifatigable    
  Hostile Sky A A B-24 has been hit and is losing touch with the main bomber formation, as Luftwaffe pilots concentrated their attentions on the unfortunate aircraft. Two Fw190s, are zooming up for the kill on the damaged B-24. Seeing the desperate situation, a P-38 escort pilot has made a head-on attack, splitting the pair of Fw190s, and thwarting their attempt to finish off the B-24.  
  Hunters in the Desert Robert Taylor's painting records Hans-Joachim Marseille's jubliant low pass as he returns to his Desert airstrip having just achieved his 100th victory. In the foreground his fellow pilots are seen clambering out of their Me109's having just completed another successful mission.  
  In Gallant Company Marine Corps F-4F Wildcats and F-4U Corsairs in the Solomans. Signed by ALL 5 living Marine Corps Pilot recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honour  
  Lancaster VC A superb study of a pair of Lancaster heavy bombers as they set out on a mission over occupied Europe, painted against a powerful cloudscape.  
  Last Phantom    
  Legend of Colin Kelly Captain Colin Kelly's 19th Bomb Group B-17C is outnumbered by Japanese Zero's as it returns to Clark Field in the Philippines, December 10, 1941.  
  Limitless Horizons    
  Loch Etive    
  Malta - George Cross Pilot Officer John Bisley of 126 Squadron in combat with Me 109s from JG-53 during one of the intense aerial air battles over Valetta in April 1942.  
  Marauder Mission B26 Marauders of the 386th Bomb Group 9th Air Force, returning from a strike against VI, rocket sites in the Pas de Calais, January 1944.  
  Midway - Strike against the Akagi Decimation of Japanese carrier fleet off Midway Island, June 1942  
  Midway - Turning of the Tide SPD Dauntless just prior to the attack on Admiral Nagumo's carrier fleet, Midway June 4th 1942  
  Mission Beyond Darkness Following the attack against Admiral Ozawa’s Japanese carrier fleet on June 20, 1944, Admiral Mitscher defies all rules of naval engagement: In total darkness, with the ever-present danger of enemy submarines, he orders every ship in his Task Force 58 to switch on lights to guide over 100 returning carrier-borne aircraft, all desperately low on fuel.  
  Morning Thunder Desperate Moments: USS West Virginia is ablaze with navy crews picking up survivors. Overhead Japanese aircraft execute second wave attack on Pearl Harbor.  
  Misquito into Attack Leonard Cheshire VC is one of the most outstanding of all RAF Bomber Pilots. He devised the 'master bomber' technique - flying low over the target marking with flares, allowing the main force to pinpoint the target in the darkness.  
  Most Memorable Day Adolf Galland and his wingman Bruno Hegenauer break through the fighter escort of No. 303 Squadron's Spitfires to attack Blenheim bombers of No. 21 Squadron over northern France, 21 June 1941.  
  Mount Stewart (not illustrated)    
  Mustang Recce Russ Berg flies his 10th Recce Group P51s in low and fast, dodging flak and enemy fighters, to get vital photographs for General Paton's advancing forces.  
  Night Intruder A colourful painting depicting a Mosquito, the fastest Allied aircraft and perhaps the most versatile of all to fly in World War II, dodging between the flak and searchlights on a low-level night attack.  
  Night Attack on the Newcastle    
  No Turning Back A Lancaster of No. 61 Squadron, RAF, piloted by Flt. Lt. Bill Reid, under attack from a German Fw190 en route to Dusseldorf on the night of November 3rd, 1943. Already injured in a previous attack, Bill Reid was again wounded but pressed on for another 50 minutes to bomb the target, then fly his badly damaged aircraft on the long journey home.  
  Offshore Bombardment Prinz Eugen in company with destroyers and torpedo boats shelling Russian shore positions in Westren Samland with her 8 inch guns.  
  Operation Cerberus    
  Out of fuel and Safely Home Damaged by flak and enemy fighters, and almost out of fuel, after a gruelling eight hour mission the pilot of this B-17 Fortress makes a forced landing in the safety of an English cornfield. A pair of P-51 Mustangs have escorted the damaged aircraft back across the North Sea, and peel off as they see their charge safely back on friendly soil.  
  Outward Bound (Mighty Eighth)    
  Peaceful Anchorage    
  Phantom Showtime It was January 19, 1972 aboard the USS Constellation in the Gulf of Tonkin. As Cunningham shut down the engines of his 'Fighting Falcons' F-4J Phantom, they had just got a MiG kill  
  Ploesti - The Vital Mission x Signatures from 5 B-24 Bomber Groups which flew to Ploesti on August 1 1943.  
  Queens Flight A specially commissioned study of her Majesty The Queen's Flight on the occasion of its 50th Anniversary. Featured are all the main aircraft to have been in service with the flight.  
  Ramrod 792 During operation Ramrod 792 on April 25, 1944, leading his Spitfire wing, Johnnie Johnson had a long-running combat with an FW190. Robert Taylor shows the last moments of the duel which ended in victory for the Allied Air Forces leading fighter Ace.  
  Rangers on the Rampage Mosquito attack on a German fighter station deep inside Germany. Arriving over the target at little above hangar height, the two-ship mission announce their arrival by raking the field with cannon and machine gun fire. Within seconds both aircraft have scored direct hits with their 50lb bombs, and before the defensive flak guns can get the range, the pair have departed for home.  
  Red Arrows The R.A.F.'s Red Arrows - perhaps the finest close formation aerobatic team in the world, flying their renowned Hawk jets over the Gloucestershire countryside.  
  Remember Pearl Harbour Aichi D-3A1 dive bombers from the Japanese carrier Kaga concentrate their attack on the battleship Nevada, already holed by torpedoes and beached at Hospital Point. The destroyer Shaw is on fire, and behind her the battleship Pennsylvania, the cruiser Helena, and the Base Force Flagship Argonne, can be seen in the turmoil of Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941  
  Return to Duxford Flying low over the picturesque village of Thaxted, in the cold winter of 1944-45, the P-51D Mustangs of the 78th Fighter Group return to Duxford after a tiring eight hour escort mission. With dusk approaching, low on fuel, the fighters have about 20 miles to run.  
  Rolling Thunder Flying down Thud Ridge at just below the speed of sound, Jack Broughton leads an F-105 Thunderbolt raid on the power plant at Viet Tri, North Vietnam, March12, 1967. The target was destroyed.  
  Royal Yacht Britannia    
  Russian Roulette A Soviet Yak 3 makes a typically daring head-on attack on a Bf109 while other Yaks wheel and turn in search of the enemy high over the Russian Front.  
  SE5A at St. Omer - Pencil Print    
  Sea Fury Flying an 805 Squadron Sea Fury from H.M.S. Ocean in Korean waters, 1952, 'Hoagy' Carmichael became the first piston engine pilot to destroy a jet aircraft when he downed a North Korean MiG.  
  Sea Harriers A symbolic study of the very first two Sea Harriers to fly with the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm, 700 Alpha Squadron, commanded by Sharkey Ward. Seen overflying Plymouth Harbour, both of these aircraft fought in the Falklands War.  
  Sea King Rescue #2 Piloting a Sea King helicopter of 820 Naval Air Squadron, Prince Andrew was first to lift off survivors after the Atlantic Conveyor was hit by an exorcet missile.  
  Secret Operation    
  Severn Trail A magnificent study of a pair of C130 Hercules seen in tactical trail over the Severn Estuary, 25 miles west of R.A.F. Lyneham, headquarters base of RAF Support Command  
  Sighting the Bismark At 10.30 on the morning of 26th May, 1941, a lone Catalina of 209 Squadron rediscovers the mighty German battleship Bismarck - pride of the Kriegsmarine - which had eluded the Royal Navy for more than 32 hours.  
  Sky Giant    
  South Atlantic Task Force H.M.S. Hermes prepares to launch her Sea Harriers whilst a Sea King stands off: H.M.S. Arrow in the foreground ploughs into the swell, whilst H.M.S. Sheffield keeps station off the port beam. Following are H.M.S. Glamorgan and the auxiliary Fleet Tankers Olna and Resource.  
  Special Duties A Ju52 Luftflotte 2, escorted by Me109s of JG-53, transports important military personnel over the Dolomites in the summer of 1942. With the setting sun illuminating the mountain tops in a brilliant light, the panoramic vista is both chilling and spectacular.  
  Spitfire Clipper    
  St. Croix Sur Mer    
  Steinhoff Tribute Macky Steinhoff in action over the White Cliffs of Dover. It is August, and the height of the Battle of Britain: Heinkel 111 bombers have attacked airfields and radar stations along the south coast, and a frantic dog-fight has developed as Me109s of JG-52 clash with Hurricanes of the RAF's No. 32 Squadron  
  Stirlings Outwardbound    
  Stuka A formation of JU87s bombed up and fitted with long range tanks heading out on a shipping strike over the Mediterranean in 1941.  
  Swordfish Attack at Taranto On November 11, 1940 a group of 21 slow, outdated Swordfish biplanes attacked and crippled the Italian Fleet in the heavily defended port of Taranto.  
  Tally Ho Brian Kingcome is seen leading the Spitfires of 92 Squadron in a diving attack into a force of HEIIIs over the city of London during the height of the Battle of Britain.  
  Target Peenemunde x Lancasters of No. 83 Squadron Pathfinder Force as they climb out over the east coast of England en-route for Peenemunde on the warm summer evening of 17th August, 1943.  
  The Homecoming Returning from an evening coastal sweep, Fw190 pilots of JG2 make a low pass to welcome home the type VII U-boats of the 9th Submarine Flotilla as they sail into the calm waters of the Brest Roads.  
  They Landed by Moonlight A typical rendezvous as a pilot from No. 161 Squadron based at Tangmere, readies his Lysander aircraft for take-off in a remote field deep inside occupied France. Clutching a Luger in one hand, he completes pre-take off checks as three passengers are spirited away by an armed member of the French Resistance. It is July 1943  
  Thunderbolt Strike A flight of P47 thunderbolts of the 404 Fighter group, 9th Air force, clear the target area after a low-level attack on the airfield inland from Le Havre, Normandy, 1944.  
  Thunderheads / Ridgewell a battle-damaged B17 making apparent the fearsome task tackled daily by those who flew the hazardous missions to occupied Europe during the greatest air war ever fought. The Mighty Eighth Edition is issued with matching numbered pencil drawing companion print, 'Another Mission Completed.'  
  Uneven Odds In August 1940, Frank Carey let No 43 Squadron's 'A' Flight into 'Schwarms of JU87s', escorted by Me109s. Though hopelessly outnumbered, Carey accounted for 4 JU87s before running out of ammunition. Robert Taylor's painting captures the trauma of the battle  
  Valor in the Pacific B-29s of the 499th Bomb Group, 73rd Wing of the 20th Air Force. After a daylight raid on Tokyo, showing all the telltale signs of combat over the target, a Wing of the world's largest and fastest-ever piston-engined bombers make their long over-water journey home  
  Victory Salute x The two greatest British fighter aircraft ever to fly, the Spitfire and Hurricane in a gigantic vista over London and the River Thames.  
  Viper Venom Pilots from the 31st and the 52nd Fighter Wings climb their heavily armed F-16 Vipers out of Aviano Air Base, Italy, on a strike mission over Bosnia, June 1999.  

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