by Michael Rondot

The mighty Blackburn Buccaneer S2 in action.
A limited edition of only 350 signed and numbered fine-art print
in Michael Rondot's Classic Combat Aircraft series


Built to fly low and fast over very long distances, the Buccaneer reigned supreme during the Cold War years both as a carrier-borne and land-based strike aircraft. For 30 years, first with the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm then with the Royal Air Force and the South African Air Force, the Buccaneer's achievements in the low-level strike role approached the proportions of legend. Roy Boot's classic design is unbeatable in many respects even by the latest and most potent fighters and this much-loved aircraft is still immensely popular. It enjoys a unique reputation as a tough and reliable shipyard foundry-built aircraft and is sorely missed by those who flew it or worked on it and regarded it as irreplaceable. Pressed into service at short notice during the Gulf War, the Buccaneer and its aircrews finally proved in the most spectacular manner what many had been saying for years, - that the Buccaneer was a truly outstanding machine that could only be replaced by another Buccaneer.

As a tribute to the Mighty Buccaneer, artist Michael Rondot has painted in his
CLASSIC COMBAT AIRCRAFT SERIES a striking and powerful image of a Buccaneer
"smoking" at 540 knots at low level. There are no squadron markings on the aircraft, thus making this print ideally suited to the addition of a pencil drawing, or "remarque", showing personalised details of individual aircraft or units on the print border. Remarqued copies are especially prized by collectors and can be ordered with a drawing to your personal requirements.

Published in a strictly limited edition of only 300 signed and numbered copies with 50 artist's proofs, each BUCCANEER THUNDER print is signed and numbered and individually embossed with the Collectair seal to guarantee the edition size. A certificate of authenticity accompanies each copy of this beautiful print which is sure to become a treasured collector's item. Our first Buccaneer limited edition print published in 1985 titled BUCCANEER S2B quickly sold out and now commands a very high price on the secondary market at over ten times the published price. BUCCANEER THUNDER represents superb value at just 75.


Print size: 27 x 20ins approx

Primary Edition size: 300 Price: £75.00
Artist Proof Edition size: 50 Price: £120.00
Remarque Edition size: Price: £235.00

All major credit cards are accepted with delivery taking usually
5-7 days for Europe and 7-10 days for the rest of the World.

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