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It is obvious as you browse through the pages of the popular aviation magazines, such as Aircraft Illustrated, Air Forces Monthly, Flypast etc that Philip West is the 'New Kid On The Block' so to say!
That does not mean that he is a new artist, he has in fact been painting for some time. What is does mean, is that he has now been given the recognition he deserves.
You only have to look at the quality and passion that his paintings command to realise that Philip E West is most definately a name that is here to stay!
Each time he brings out a new limited edition, it is almost SOLD OUT before it is available! There's the proof of how popular this artist has quickly become.

He is also establishing a growing reputation among art collectors for his well researched paintings.
His compelling style, accuracy and attention to detail, have caught the imagination of collectors internationally.
Philip was awarded the Duane Whitney award for excellence at the 1997 American Society of Aviation Artists Exhibition, this young professional is beginning to become established and has a very bright future.

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