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All photographs on this site unless stated, have been taken by Andrew Brooks.

Therefore, ALL of them, come under international copyright laws.
If you wish to use any of my photographs/images for commercial use, please ask.

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  Down 'n' Dirty (also see Tornado GR1 ('in the weeds') section
  Training to be the best requires Pilots and aircraft to be pushed to the edge.
  Here are a few photographs illustrating such  training.
  Looking for a column of T-72's or APC's when covering a mile every few seconds
  and whilst trying to avoid the 'sticky out bits' isn't as easy as it seems flying computer flight sims!

  Air Air Refuelling / VC10
  A selection of photographs related to the essential art of Air to Air Refuelling.
  Included are photographs of the VC-10, in my opinion one of the most beautiful aircraft ever made.

  Buccaneer 3 Galleries
  The original reason for this entire site, my dedication to this awesome bomber.
  No more needs to be said, just take a few moments and have a look at some of the photographs
  taken by myself during the final 6 months of flying from RAF Lossiemouth.
  You will find why the 'Bucc' was always reffered to as 'Faster, Lower,  Longer'.

  A few select air to air photogarphs of this beautiful aircraft taken when I had the opportunity to fly with the SAAF
  Made in South Africa and flown by the SAAF.

  What an amazing aircraft the Harrier is, initially mocked by the establishment,
  now look at the respect she commands. Here you will see a selection of my air to air and low level photographs.

  Now this is an aircraft that has stood the test of time and one of my favourite aircraft to fly in!
  All weather, the Gulf, Bosnia, a real all rounder. As with all multi purpose aircraft, here are a
  few shots that capture the 'Jag' in her many roles, 'down in the dirt' and some nice air to air piccys also.

  Not much to say about this piece of hardware, a classic example from the 'glory years'
  of aircraft development. An absolute masterpiece, a gift given to us from the British Aircraft Industry.

  Phantom 3 Galleries
  Another classic, everyones favourite. A very well known British Gulf War Tornado Pilot once said to me,
  "If a blind man was left alone with a Phantom and could feel the contours of its airframe,
he would tell you it was a killer!" Enough said.

  Tornado F3
  The main air defence aircraft of Britain for a few years now. Its taken a lot of stick during its
  troubled development. However, its still a sleek aircraft and she looks great
  with the wings back and the hammer down!

  Tornado GR1/B   
  They say that "fighter pilots make movies and bomber pilots make history".
  Well I am keeping out of that argument. BUT, you  push the TFR button and let this baby
  take you over Scotland on the darkest of nights pitching and rolling with those most
  inhospitable 'sticky out bits' just below your backside at 200m and I can assure you,
  you will respect the Tornado.

  Been around for many many years and what a role she has played! Is there ANYONE, in the RAF,
  Cadets, Observer Corps, TV presenters etc etc who hasn't been on a VC-10? I doubt it!
  Transport and Petrol! Always there when you need it!

  The beautiful Victor. A 'V' nuclear bomber for many years, taking on the Air to Air refuelling role,
  used in the Falklands conflict and the Gulf War, many people have a passion for this classic.

  The 'Delta', the 'V' Bomber, the wing, the airshow car alarm's enemy No 1.
  Call it what you like, there is only one word that fits this beast, AWESOME.

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