Right Here, Right Now
by Philip E West

Overall size of print 28” x 20”

A brand new and exciting limited edition print signed
by no less than eleven Apache Longbow pilots.

The Apache is the world’s premier Attack helicopter. Its early history was crowned during ‘Operation Desert Storm’ setting a combat record second to none, dispelling any doubts about the Apache’s supremacy. The ‘Longbow’ offers even greater mission capability and provides a significant contribution to any battlefield arena, anywhere in the world.

All are signed by the artist and
11 Apache Longbow Pilots.

From left to Right as the signatures are on the print.

Major Nick Wharmby
(Sqn Second-in-Command)

Captain Tim Peake
('A' Flight Commander)

Major Bill O'Brien
(Attack Helicopter Standards)

Captain Chris Hearn
(Training Officer)

Major Howard Floyd
(Senior Standards Officer)

Major Bloo Anderson
(Officer Commanding)

Captain Jan Ferraro
(Laser Safety Officer)

Captain Jeff DeCarlo
(US Exchange Officer)

Major Al Whittle
(Operations Officer)

Captain Bill McPhee
(Qualified Helicopter Instructor)

Major Mark Torpy
(Attack Helicopter Standards)

Print size: 28 x 20ins  
Edition size: 350

300 Signed and Numbered
Price: £90.00

25 Artist Proofs Price: £115.00


All major credit cards are accepted with delivery taking usually
5-7 days for Europe and 7-10 days for the rest of the World.


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