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Robert Taylor

Widely regarded as the world's foremost aviation artist, Robert Taylor enjoys a popularity rare among living painters. Renowned for the sweeping panoramic scale of his air combat paintings, his characteristic style has ensured that there is today unparalleled worldwide demand for his superb paintings and limited edition prints.

Robert has been a prolific sketcher and painter ever since he was a small boy. After leaving art college, while continuing to paint in his spare time, he became a professional picture restorer.
This work brought him into contact with the work of the Great Masters, ancient and modern. His thirteen years as a restorer gave him valuable insight into the techniques of many of these great painters and radically influenced his own technique.
Robert Taylor has been selling his own paintings since his school days but it was not until he had his own publisher did he become a full-time professional in the mid seventies, that his fame spread.

Today he is recognised by many as the world's leading aviation artist and international demand for his original canvases and his limited edition prints is unsurpassed. His work has been featured many times as the subject of television programmes, newspaper and magazine articles. His highly successful one-man exhibition in London was covered by Granada TV and many of the UK's leading national newspapers.
His one-man exhibition at the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C. was seen by 10 million visitors and has been quoted as the most successful aviation art exhibition ever staged.

Today, the genius of Robert Taylor is recognised all over the world and his art is the benchmark by which all others in this established field set their standards


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