Jaguars over Kilduff
by Michael Rondot

A simulated low-level attack by four Jaguars over Scotland

Jaguars over Kilduff by Michael Rondot

A striking portrayal of a simulated low-level attack by four Jaguars from RAF Coltishall, over the beautiful pastoral landscape of Kilduff, in East Lothian, Scotland. Signed by two distinguished Jaguar pilots and squadron commanders,
Air Chief Marshall Sir John Thomson GCB CBE AFC and Wg Cdr Steve Griggs AFC.

Since its introduction in the 1970s to front-line service in the ground attack; nuclear strike and reconnaissance roles, the Jaguar has defied sceptics and proved itself to be one of the finest tactical aircraft in the history of the Royal Air Force.
Battle-tested in the Gulf War, where 618 combat sorties were flown without loss by just 12 aircraft, the Jaguar now enjoys an enviable reputation as an effective, rugged and exceptionally reliable combat aircraft.

Michael Rondot's new painting portrays the Jaguar in its element, at 450 knots and 250 feet during a four-aircraft low level attack sortie over Southern Scotland. Seen against a beautiful late-afternoon sundown are Jaguars from number 6, 41(F) and 54(F) squadrons based at RAF Coltishall, Norfolk. In the background, two Royal Navy Warships head out to sea in the Firth of Forth. Beyond them low cloud and rain envelops the hills of East Fife - this is 'Jaguar weather'.

Each copy of JAGUARS OVER KILDUFF is signed, dated and numbered by the artist, stamped with the Collectair seal, and signed by two distinguished Jaguar pilots:

Air Chief Marshal SIR JOHN THOMSON GCB CBE AFC Sir John Thomson is the Jaguar Force's most respected senior pilot. He commanded 41(F) squadron when it re-equipped with the Jaguar in the recce/attack role and later commanded the RAF Germany strike/attack wing at RAF Bruggen. Up until 1994 he was Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief Strike Command and then was appointed Commander-in-Chief Allied Forces NORTHWEST.

Wing Commander STEVE GRIGGS AFC Steve Griggs has flown the Jaguar since 1976 with 31, 54(F) and 41(F) squadrons. In 1982 he ejected twice within a five-month period; the first after being shot down over Germany by an AIM-9 Sidewinder missile fired inadvertently from an RAF F-4 Phantom; the Second after a catastrophic engine fire over Northeast Scotland. He was awarded the Air Force Cross for pioneering night low level flying in the Jaguar With night vision goggles and was at the time of signing the print, the Officer Commanding 41(F) Squadron.


Air Chief Marshall Sir John Thomson GCB CBE AFC
Wg Cdr Steve Griggs AFC

Jaguars over Kilduff by Michael Rondot

Print size: 28 x 20ins approx

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