Jaguar Sunset
by Michael Rondot


The Jaguar served with the Royal Air Force from 1974 to 2007 as a strike/attack and reconnaissance fighter bomber, equipping eight squadrons in Germany and the UK during the Cold War, and was used in combat during the first Gulf War and in the Balkans conflict.
Now at the end of its RAF career, it will be remembered as a rugged and reliable aircraft, capable of finding and putting bombs on a target in bad weather with unprecedented accuracy.

JAGUAR SUNSET portrays a favourite haunt of Jaguar pilots: the West coast of Scotland near Torridon looking towards the Island of Skye and Kyle of Lochalsh, an area where military pilots enjoy some of the most challenging flying in the world. Drawing on his own experiences as a Jaguar pilot, Mike Rondot has created a fine tribute and a fitting epitaph to an outstanding combat aircraft.

This limited edition print is available in four versions:
Artist and OC 6 Sqn signed, Artist’s Proof, Remarque and the very special Canvas Giclée.


Each copy of Jaguar Sunset is individually certificated and signed
by Wing Commander John Sullivan, CO of 6 Sqn,
the last RAF Jaguar squadron at the aircraft’s retirement in 2007.

Additionally, FOUR celebrated Jaguar pilots and commanders have
individually signed the 50 artist’s proofs and 25 remarque prints:

Squadron Leader Dave BagShaw AFC
The only RAF pilot to achieve 4000 hours on type.

Group Captain William Pixton DFC AFC

Jaguar squadron commander at Al-Muharraq, Gulf War I, 1991

Squadron Leader Mike Crook
Flew Jaguars with RAF & Nigerian AF from 1975-1989

Group Captain Steve Griggs AFC
Pilot of 31 Sqn Jaguar XX963 shot down by RAF F-4 Phantom, May 1983


Print size: 27 x 19ins approx (700 x 485mm)

Primary Edition size: 200 Price: £75.00 
Artist Proof Edition size: 50 Price: 120.00
Remarque Edition size: 25 Price: 235.00
Giclee Canvas 760 x 500 Edition size: 10 Price: £375.00

All major credit cards are accepted with delivery taking usually
5-7 days for Europe and 7-10 days for the rest of the World.

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